Like I mentioned before this semester has been manic, with a couple of my friends wanting help with projects they’re running and all of which I’m excited about completing but time is not on my side! My most recent project is for two of my friends Tom and Alex, who have decided to host their own event night at local venue Bomo Bunker.

For this project, I assumed the role of the agency. Everything from the branding, content and promotion was all coming from me – I had a big task on my hands.

We started the process with some idea generation, I sat down with the boys and we discussed what they wanted to achieve and what they wanted their product to look like. Their main concern was their branding looking like other club night events in Bournemouth to which I assured them that we could create them something distinguishes them from other club nights in the locality.

After a week of meetings, brainstorming and mood-boarding, I had a page of logos to send to the boys, so they could pick one that they wanted and start working on the rest of the branding and marketing campaigns.

They came round one evening, with a group of mates and we all sat around the TV whilst my laptop was plugged in and began refining the logo to look more like what they wanted. After an hour or two, we were settled on a final design, Alex and Tom wanted to keep their logo simple; giving them a fresh and youthful feel.

The final logo that was agreed on

The next stage that I moved onto was the digital posters, I’ve managed to complete two posters so far, both to be used on Facebook. The next step in this project will be developing an Instagram advert, and to start rolling out the marketing campaign in order to raise the publicity surrounding the event.

[foogallery id=”159″]

The skills that we have been acquiring and developing in Client and Audience came in very handy – as I was able to apply these skills to a real-life situation, with real-life clients.

For me, the best part of this project has been being able to gather a group of people who are studying a wide range of different courses,  who each bring their expertise into certain areas to contribute to the success of the finished project.




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